Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get:

1. What are the garage door manufacturers you partner with?

We partner with only the best manufactures of garage doors and garage door parts so that you can rely on the best garage door possible.  Here are some of the best brands that we partner with.

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2. I have extension springs currently on my garage door, should I convert to a standard torsion spring system?

 We highly recommend to our customers that they convert their garage doors to standard torsion spring systems. Extension spring systems can be very dangerous. When an extension spring breaks, it can become a projectile and cause damage to things such as your car, motorcycle or anything in the garage including a person or child. When a standard torsion spring breaks, the spring stays on the shaft mounted above the garage door. A standard torsion spring system runs smoother, is safer and your garage door will require less service.
3. My garage door won’t open. What should I do?
The first thing you want to do is to look and see if you might have a broken spring. If you do have a broken spring, you need to call us for service. If you don’t have a broken spring, you can pull the emergency release and open the door manually to get what you need out. You can also try changing the batteries in your garage door opener remote. If this still does not correct the problem, call us for troubleshooting or service.
4. The light bulb on the garage door opener keeps flashing when I try to close the garage door. What’s wrong?
Your safety sensors are either out of alignment or not functioning properly. Please refer to our step by step video on how to align your safety sensors or call us for assistance.
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5. What does a broken spring look like?
A standard torsion spring will typically have a two to three inch separation in one of the springs. If you have a broken extension spring, a spring may be hanging down from the track or laying on the garage floor and your garage door may be slightly crooked. Garage door springs are under a great amount of tension. Please call to have a trained technician replace any broken spring on your garage door.
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