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garage door repair near me

Our Garage Door Repair Services

Our garage door repair services are handled by our excellent team who conducts every job with professionalism and diligence. There are some common problems that tend to pop up with garage doors, which our team is well acquainted with.

Garage door issues are quite normal because your garage door is most likely in use multiple times throughout the day. Over time, parts can become worn out and cause your garage door to malfunction. When this happens, just give us a call here at DC Garage Door & Services Inc. to come to conduct your garage door repair near Lombard, Addison, or Schaumburg IL. 

Garage door openers are one of the most important parts of your garage door system. When your opener malfunctions, it will most likely cause your garage door to stop working. Some common issues include the garage door being stuck, not opening when you press the button, reversing movement when it’s not supposed to, and making strange noises. No need to worry; we’ll come to perform your garage door repair or replace your garage door opener, depending on the condition. Our team is excellent at garage door opener repair, so you can rest assured that your new or restored garage door opener will function properly. 

garage door repair

Garage door springs are something you never really think about until they break. A garage door spring can break at any time. Extension springs stretch along the sides, above the horizontal tracks of the garage door. Standard torsion springs are located directly above the garage door and mounted in the center of the wall. Garage door springs, torsion or extension, are under a great amount of tension and should only be handled by a trained professional. Call us today if you have a broken spring in Schaumburg, Glen Ellyn, Glendale Heights, IL, or surrounding towns. For tell-tale signs of replacement, view our garage door spring repair page.

The durability of your garage door depends upon the garage door material you choose. Some materials are very sturdy, while others dent more easily. Whether your garage door panel has minor damage from a stray basketball hitting it too hard or more significant damage from a severe storm or car accident, our team can help! Instead of an entire garage door replacement, we can match the color and design of your current garage door panels to provide you with a cost-effective and time-saving solution. If you need a garage door panel replacement, contact our team today!

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What Our Customers Say

Very pleasing to work with such a nice group of people who are focused on customer service.

Brubaker P.

They came to our home and fixed the problematic garage door and lubricated both doors to make sure I didn’t develop a problem on the second door. Very reasonable with the prices and so easy to work with. It was very pleasing to work with such a nice group of people who are focused on customer service and doing a great job! You will not regret doing business with DC Garage Door & Services Inc.

They were awesome to work with!

M. Mani

Jessica and Dan are a great and hard working team that will not accept anything but perfection. We truly appreciate their commitment to customer satisfaction. They would not even accept our money until everything was completed to perfection (our door had some very minor flaws I did not even notice but they did and they performed the job twice basically so it looked perfect). I would recommend them to anyone and everyone just cause they were awesome to work with. Thanks Jessica and Dan!

They made the whole process go as smoothly as possible.

Jesse C.

Amazing customer service and a product to match! They made the whole process go as smoothly as possible and worked with me and my schedule to get everything done in a timely manner.

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Garage door cables help with ensuring that your garage door runs smoothly. Garage door cables are what attach the spring assembly to the garage door. When the garage door cables are not working properly, your garage door may go crooked in the track and cause a roller to come out or stop the operation of the door altogether. If you notice that your garage door cables are starting to fray or your garage door is starting to run rougher, call us today for garage door cable replacement.

Off-Track Garage Door 

It has happened to everyone; you are backing out of your garage, and you hear a scrape along with the car. This might mean that you have accidentally hit and bent your garage door track.  When this happens, your door won’t be able to open or close effectively.  This can also cause the garage door to jump off the track and rollers to come out of the track as well.  If your track has been hit and is now bent, call us to have the piece of track replaced.

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Next time you experience issues with your garage door, don’t hesitate to call us! We are always thrilled to help people in our community. We take our job seriously, making sure to stay up to date with recent innovations and new products. We want to use only the best garage door parts and constantly provide services that we’re proud of. 

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