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Off-track Garage Door Repair


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Rapid Off-Track Garage Door Repair Near Lombard, IL!

Have you noticed your garage door opening at an angle recently? What about seeing visible gaps in between your garage door and its tracks? These are just two of the major warning signs that you need off-track garage door repair near Lombard, IL! Lucky for you, our experts at DC Garage Door & Services can repair it in no time!

Attempting to repair your garage door on your own without proper training could result in injury or further damage to your garage door system. That’s why you need to call our professionals at DC Garage Door & Services. Book an appointment with us now!

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Common Signs You Need Off-track Garage Door Repair

You might not be familiar with some of the warning signs that you need off-track garage door repair, but don’t worry—we are! Here are the most common signs to look out for if you suspect you need off-track garage door repair near Lombard, IL:

  • Your garage door is shaking or jerking as it raises or lowers. 
  • Your garage door makes loud and strange noises during operation. 
  • Your garage door opens at an angle.
  • There are gaps between your garage door and its tracks. 
  • Your garage door starts to open or close but then stops suddenly or reverses its motion. 
  • Your garage door has damaged or worn springs, rollers, or cables. 
  • Your garage door is misaligned. 
  • Your garage door refuses to open or close entirely. 
  • Your garage door gets stuck halfway during operation. 
  • You notice your garage door tracks are rusted, broken, or bent. 
  • You struggle while trying to operate your garage door manually. 

Have you noticed your garage door underperforming due to its misalignment? It might be time for off-track garage door repair near Lombard, IL. Contact us today to have a team of professionals sent directly to assist you! 

What Causes an Off-track Garage Door?

There is no catch-all answer for how a garage door becomes off-track, though there are several common reasons this occurs. Typically, an off-track garage door is a sign that something else in your garage door system is broken or needs repair. For example, your garage door cables might have worn down over time, causing an uneven and off-track garage door. 

This is why off-track garage door repair often consists of one or more of the following garage door repairs:

DC Garage Door & Services offers a wide range of commercial and residential services, leaving your overhead door as good as new!

Get your garage door back on track with DC Garage Door & Services’s expert off-track garage door repair near Lombard, IL! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment

Schedule Your Off-track Garage Door Repair with DC Garage Door & Services! 

Don’t let an off-track garage door slow you down! Our technicians at DC Garage Door & Services are capable of going above and beyond to ensure your garage door returns to proper operation promptly. With over a decade of experience in the garage door industry, our experts know just the right thing to repair your garage door. 

With our off-track garage door repair near Lombard, IL, you don’t have to worry about what could possibly be wrong with your garage door. Our team will identify the issue, create expert solutions, complete the repair, and be on their way! 

If you would like to schedule an appointment with our technicians, please give us a call now! We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our off-track garage door repair! 

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