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glass garage doors

Try Glass Garage Doors to Lighten Up Your Home

A glass garage door in Lombard, IL can brighten up any home—literally! If you’re looking for a unique, elegant new garage door, DC Garage Door & Services can help! We offer glass garage door installation to transform your garage space into a warm, inviting area. No more dark and dingy garages! Let’s shed some light on the benefits of these awesome doors.

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I will use them again if needed!

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I would recommend to family and friends. Patient, helpful, fair pricing and very professional. I will use them again if needed!


Dave M.

Arrived on time, evaluated the issue, fixed it quickly. Worked better than it did previously! Outstanding!

Highly recommend.

Jon F.

Dan installed my garage door and it looks fantastic. Great price and excellent service. Highly recommend.

glass garage doors
glass garage door services
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Benefits of Glass Garage Doors

There are so many benefits to glass garage doors! For starters, they look amazing! A glass garage door gives any home a modern, upscale look. Talk about increasing your curb appeal!

In addition, a full-view glass garage door provides tons of natural light and an open feel to your garage. You can entertain much more easily and rest easily knowing that everyone is comfortable.
Not to mention, glass garage doors can transform your garage from just a place that holds cars to an office, workout room, family room, workshop, you name it!

Have Safety Concerns? No Need!

We know what you may be thinking: Aren’t glass garage doors unsafe? Can’t they be broken or damaged easily? Can’t people see what’s inside my garage, and whether or not I’m home?

First of all, glass garage doors are very safe. They are constructed in a way that makes them solid, but not too heavy. They tend to have aluminum frames so that the garage door opener can still support the door. You don’t have to worry about your door shattering unexpectedly; all glass types eligible for glass garage door installation are perfectly safe.

Also, glass garage doors are made of tempered glass, which makes them very strong and durable. They are just as damage-resistant as any other type of garage door. It would be no easy task to break through the glass to get into your garage.

Finally, glass garage doors can be modified for additional privacy if you desire. You can opt for opaque or frosted glass so that you can enjoy the beauty and natural lighting while ensuring that no one can see your possessions or determine if you’re not at home.

Commercial Glass Garage Doors for Your Business

Here at DC Garage Door & Services, we offer residential and commercial full-view glass garage doors. What does that mean for your business? It means you can create an inviting space that customers will want to stay in!

For example, if you have a patio at your restaurant that never gets used in the winter because it’s so cold, try a glass garage door! A simple glass garage door installation in Lombard, IL can transform this space into an open, bright area that can be utilized year-round.

Don’t forget the characteristic glass garage doors you see on firehouses, either. There are tons of ways you can utilize a glass garage door for your business. Contact us to find out more!

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Ready for a glass garage door installation in Lombard, IL? You’ve come to the right place! DC Garage Door & Services can get your new glass garage door installed in no time. Contact us to get started today!

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