Trending Garage Door Styles

Have you ever thought of your garage door as trendy? Maybe not, but we’re here to change that! While everyone in your neighborhood most likely has a sandstone sectional door, you could be showing off a new, stylish garage door that makes your home pop. 

If you’re going to sell your house soon, it can be a smart move to upgrade your garage door. In fact, the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report found that garage door replacement has the highest ROI of any home improvement project. This means that not only will your home’s curb appeal be dramatically spiked, but you’ll make up the money you spent when you sell. This is a great way to be smart about how you spend money on home improvements. Are you ready to learn about the trending garage door styles that could have a huge impact on your home’s exterior? 


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Traditional garage doors are famous for a reason. They’re clean, simple, and can be customized any way you’d like. Most traditional garage doors are constructed out of steel sections. Steel is a durable material that is typically insulated for extra protection; it’s affordable, yet still a high-quality material. 

Traditional garage door colors include white, sandstone, almond, and other neutral colors. However, black garage doors are also becoming increasingly popular as a bold twist. Traditional garage doors typically blend in with the home’s exterior, which gives a seamless, clean look. 

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Typically, sectional doors are considered traditional. These doors are constructed of rows of horizontal panels, which are ideal because they’re easy to repair. While these doors are more mainstream, they’re still a great option because they’ll never go out of style. They are long-lasting garage doors that will serve your home well. 

Carriage House

Carriage Style Garage Doors

Carriage house garage doors are well-loved for their elegance. Exhibiting historical charm, they showcase decorative handles and stylish paneling. Carriage garage doors can also be widely customized, with various colors and finishes. They complement just about every house design! 

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Carriage garage doors are typically made from steel and covered with faux wood paneling or a white overlay. This resembles a traditional carriage house design and gives the beautiful look of wood without the heavy maintenance. You can also choose to add decorative windows and other unique designs. It’s even possible to add insulation, which will spike the garage door’s R-value and contribute to better energy efficiency. 


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Modern garage doors have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Their defining features include bold colors, sharp edges, and geometric lines. These garage doors are stylish and sleek, sure to impress a future buyer. Under the umbrella of modern, you’ll find popular new styles like mid-century modern, contemporary, and farmhouse modern.

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Modern steel garage doors usually focus on minimalism, featuring flush panels and plain window openings. Popular colors include black, gray, and white. Dark wood is another popular choice, whether it be faux wood paneling or natural wood. A modern garage door is sure to increase your curb appeal and make your home stand out. 

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