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Our Top 5 Garage Door Repair Services

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Have you ever encountered an issue with your garage door? We know that it’s never ideal when you push your opener remote button only to get back silence. A broken garage door can trap your car or leave you locked out of your home. This can be very frustrating, which is why our team at DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. has worked tirelessly to learn the best methods for garage door repair. Our priority is for you to have a safe garage door system you can depend on. When you call us for garage door repair, we’ll come to your home to provide a thorough inspection. Once we pinpoint the issue, we’ll begin your garage door repair. With our focus on customer service, our friendly technicians will assist you to restore your garage door. But you may be wondering: What are our most common garage door repairs

Garage Door Spring Replacement

broken spring replacement

First and foremost, garage door spring replacement is a much-needed service when it comes to garage door repair. Garage door springs work to carry the excess tension that originates from the garage door. As the garage door moves, the springs take on the weight of the door. This amount of stress contributes to high wear and tear, which means springs have a limited lifespan. Standard torsion springs have a lifespan of 10,000 cycles, which could be anywhere from 5-15 years. 

When a spring breaks, it creates a dangerous situation, as there’s a lack of control over the garage door’s movement. This can lead the garage door to move inconsistently, be extremely slow, or even slam shut. Also, springs help to balance the garage door, which means this is thrown off when the spring has snapped. If you have a broken spring, it’s important that you call us as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for these signs that you need garage door spring replacement

  • Garage door won’t move.
  • Garage door moves partially.
  • Garage door moves extremely slow.
  • Garage door has loose or fallen cables.
  • Garage door slams shut.
  • There’s a gap between the spring’s coils.
  • Garage door springs are elongated.
  • Garage door makes strange, grinding noises.

Garage Door Opener Repair

garage door opener installation

Garage door opener repair is another important service we provide. Garage door openers power the garage door and are essential in a well-functioning, reliable garage door. Garage door openers are known to last anywhere from 10-20 years, depending on the brand and how often it’s in use. When you have a malfunctioning garage door opener, it’s likely that your garage door won’t open or close. 

If this happens, we recommend checking your power to ensure you’re not having electrical issues. Also, replace remote and keypad batteries to make sure it’s not a simple issue. If you have a flashing garage door opener, it may be that there’s a problem with the safety sensors. These sensors sit on either side of the garage door near the opening. They alert the opener if there’s anything underneath the garage door, which will then cause it to reverse automatically. If the photo eyes aren’t aligned or need to be replaced, the opener won’t move the garage door for safety reasons. 

The main signs that point to opener issues include:

  • Your garage door moves slowly.
  • Your garage door moves inconsistently
  • Your garage door makes grinding noises
  • Your garage door opener is reaching 10-15 years of age. 

If you are having issues with your opener, give us a call! We are experts in garage door opener repair and will ensure your garage door opener functions properly. 

Garage Door Cable Replacement

Cables are a garage door part that works closely with the springs. They are both responsible for carrying the garage door’s weight, which means that it puts a lot of strain on one when the other’s broken. Garage door cables are attached to drums, which can come loose every once in a while. It’s also possible for garage door cables to snap, although this doesn’t happen as often. Garage door cable replacement is a dangerous garage repair to undertake, so we recommend that you call DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. when you need cable repair. 

Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers are another important piece of hardware that ensures the garage door stays on track. Rollers are the wheels that run along the tracks by the sides of the door. This enables the garage door to roll open and closed. High-quality rollers can last 10-20 years if they’re properly maintained. If you have a roller break, it’s important to schedule garage door roller replacement quickly, as the garage door can become severely damaged, even coming out of track, if you continue to use it. 

Garage Door Panel Replacement 

garage door panel replacement

The majority of residential homes have sectional garage doors, which are made up of horizontal panels. These are affordable, durable, and low maintenance, which makes them popular. When a garage door is damaged, it’s possible to replace the panels, instead of the whole garage door. If you have an accident or weather damage, we can come to provide garage door panel replacement to restore your garage door to a new-like condition.

Affordable Garage Door Repair Near You

Are you in need of garage door repair? DC Garage Door & Services, Inc is your local, family-owned team ready to help. With our experienced garage door technicians, we’ll provide you with the best garage door repair in Addison, Schaumburg, and Lombard, IL. Contact us today to schedule your garage door repair appointment!

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