Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance

How To Prevent Seasonal Damage to Your Garage Door

Seasonal Change + Garage Doors = Seasonal Damage

Didn’t know you needed garage door maintenance? Remember, garage doors are the faces of our homes. Our garage doors receive the brunt end when it comes to doors, and who wants it to show? Dirt can be washed off, but what about the moving parts of a garage door system? They are the heaviest moving door in any person’s home, after all.

While they’re built for considerable wear and usage, garage doors need some TLC sometimes, too! If you just moved into a home, odds are the garage door has sustained seasonal damage. Year after year, you feel lucky to have survived another brutally hot summer or blisteringly cold winter. Have you checked on your garage door?

Garage Door Maintenance

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Although there are changes we make to our yards and other outside areas of our homes, the garage door is something that always stands out. Keep your garage door in good shape! If you’re looking to replace your garage door with a new one, this would greatly change your curb appeal. Also, check out our Deals! Contact your local DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. service area near you and receive $30 off a service call.

When It Gets Cooler Outside…

Don’t be quick to throw out an expensive torsion spring or a garage door opener just yet! Schedule a garage door maintenance appointment instead. It’s important to consider that extreme temperatures affect how your garage door operates overall. During colder months, ice or snow buildup could be a potential issue, so make sure you don’t shovel any piles or drifts near your garage door.

The Problem with your Garage Door

Especially with heavier garage doors, metals and mechanical parts contract when exposed to lower temperatures. When this occurs, the operator will try and push through, burn itself out, or sense the resistance and reverse rather than close.

Ever wondered how to make your garage door less noisy? Gears and sprockets that are inside trying to move the chain is most likely the loud sound your garage door makes while it’s trying to lift and close each time.

Lubricate Your Garage Door

As it gets cooler outside, tend to the moving parts of your garage door system with garage door lubricant. Before applying, always make sure lubricant isn’t being mixed with existing dirt, dust, or debris. Spray at a good distance where it doesn’t drip, but that the lubricant spray covers the parts that experience the most friction.

When It Gets Warmer Outside…

In regards to warmer weather, the same rule applies. Apply garage door lubricant when it gets warmer outside. Metal and mechanical parts within your garage door system expand when they’re exposed to higher temperatures. Thus, you’ll also want to ensure that you tighten your garage door springs, or call DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. for a garage door maintenance check.

Schedule a Garage Door Maintenance Appointment

Regular maintenance appointments are the hack for a longer-lasting garage door. Your garage door needs special attention whenever the season changes since mechanical parts expand and contract.

Garage door lubrication is the at-home hack for garage door maintenance when the weather shifts from cooler to warmer and back to cooler temperatures. Apply to a clean surface, and add enough to cover the moving parts of your garage door springs, but not to where it will drip. Lubricate the bottoms of the rails where the trolley moves back and forth and other areas that experience the most friction. When you call our professionals for garage door maintenance, we will have garage door lubricant on hand for your system’s moving parts.

Reach out to DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. for More Tips!

For more tips on preparing your garage door for extreme temperatures, we encourage you to reach out to us today at (630) 217-9839. Are you in need of garage door repair? DC Garage Door & Services, Inc. is your local, family-owned team ready to help. With our garage door service team, we’ll provide you with the best garage door repair or garage door maintenance in Addison, Schaumburg, and Lombard, IL. 

Contact us today to schedule your garage door repair appointment or garage door maintenance! Our experienced garage door technicians are prepared to solve all your overhead door needs! 

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