The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re considering a new garage door, you may be wondering whether or not you need to insulate it. DC Garage Door & Services will explain the benefits of insulated garage doors, but first, let’s discuss what an insulated garage door is.

What is an Insulated Garage Door?

Garage door insulation is easy and has many benefits. An insulated garage door is a regular door with a layer of insulation added. Most insulation comes in one-, two-, and three-layer options.

A one-layer garage door has no insulation, just the main door panels. A two-layer insulated garage door has insulation added to the back of the door, out in the open. And finally, a three-layer insulated garage door contains the front side of the door, a layer of insulation, and the backside of the door. This is the ideal option to keep all the insulation out of sight.

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of insulated garage doors more!

The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

There are several benefits of insulated garage doors. The three biggest are energy efficiency, noise control, and durability.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the biggest benefit of insulated garage doors. When your garage door is insulated, you can control the temperature of your garage much better. This means a cooler garage in the summer and a warmer one in the winter.

Why does this matter? If you want to do anything in your garage, like host a party, have a workshop, home gym, or convert it to a spare bedroom, you’ll be much better able to with an insulated garage door.

Even if you don’t use your garage for anything other than storing your cars, insulation will help keep your cars in better shape and protected from harsh temperatures.

Noise Control

If your garage is near a living space or bedroom, you’ll understand how loud it can be to operate it. Noise control is one of the top benefits of insulated garage doors, and it can dramatically improve the area. The buffer from the insulation will reduce a lot of the rattle and clang from the operation.


Finally, one of the benefits of insulated garage doors is increased durability. The insulation will diminish any dents or dings your garage door may incur from normal use. The extra layer(s) of insulation will help keep your garage door sturdier and able to withstand harsh treatment.

Common Questions About Insulated Garage Doors

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of insulated garage doors let’s answer a few of the most common questions. You can always contact us with any other questions about insulated garage doors.

How Much Does an Insulated Garage Door Cost?

An insulated garage door doesn’t cost much more than a non-insulated one. Contact us for a quote based on the type of garage door you want!

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Can You Insulate All Garage Doors?

Most garage doors can be insulated easily. Steel garage doors are the easiest to insulate since the insulation can be sprayed on.

Other types of doors can be insulated as well! For example, did you know that glass garage doors can also be insulated? The only garage door that can’t be insulated is a wood garage door. Fortunately, natural wood is already insulated!

Can You Add Insulation to an Old Garage Door?

You can! If you already have a garage door and don’t want a new one, we can add insulation directly to the back of your existing door. It’s as easy as that!

How Else Can I Make My Garage Door Quieter?

If you want an even quieter garage door, consider a belt-drive opener. These openers operate on a rubber belt instead of a chain, making operations considerably more peaceful.

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Have the benefits of insulated garage doors convinced you? Contact DC Garage Door & Services for a new garage door installation! We’ll help you get your new insulated garage doors! Schedule an appointment to get started!

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