Garage Door Replacement: How to Tell You Need One

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5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Lombard, IL Garage Door

Keeping up with the demands of home ownership can feel overwhelming, but knowing when you need a garage door replacement doesn’t have to be complicated! Several straightforward signs indicate your garage doors are ready for an upgrade. 

Read on as our DC Garage Door and Services team shares the details about how to tell you need a garage door replacement near Lombard, IL.

  1. You notice visual garage door damage.

Is your garage door visually unappealing and detracting from your home’s exterior? Not only does a worn-down garage door decrease curb appeal and property value, but it’s also a sign that your garage door system could have structural damage that compromises its safety and functionality. Consider a garage door replacement if you notice the following damage to your garage door:

  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Dents
  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Sagging
  • Misalignment
  • Broken Parts
  1. Your garage door is experiencing operational issues.

One of the most common complaints about garage doors is excessive noise during operation. If your garage door is grinding or screeching each time you open and close it, a garage door replacement (or a new garage door opener) will solve this problem.

You might also notice additional operational problems that indicate a garage door replacement is in order. These include:

  • Shaking or vibrating during operation
  • Inconsistent and unreliable door function
  • Jerking motions or unbalanced movement
  • Garage doors getting stuck midcycle
  • Garage doors reversing direction midcycle
  1. Your garage door poses a safety risk or lacks modern safety features.

If your garage door is barely hanging on by a thread, or in this case, a frayed cable, it’s putting you and your family at risk. Garage doors are the heaviest moving machine in your home. Old garage doors with parts that lack proper maintenance pose a threat to individuals and valuables that are nearby if those parts break, snap, or the garage door falls off its tracks. 

Newer garage doors have premium safety and security features that older models don’t have. A garage door replacement will add peace of mind, convenience, and an added layer of safety to your home!

  1. You notice a gradual increase in your energy bill.

If you’ve noticed spikes in your home’s energy consumption, an inefficient garage door system might be the culprit. Missing, cracked, or loose weather stripping will allow heat to escape your garage in the winter, requiring your furnace or HVAC system to overcompensate for heat loss.

Increased energy efficiency also relates to garage door opener installation and replacement! Whether you need a garage door replacement, an opener replacement, or a complete system overhaul, our DC Garage Door & Services team can recommend the best products based on your needs. 

  1. Your garage door is old, and you want a new look.

This final sign you need a garage door replacement encompasses all the previous indicators, with one exception: your personal style! If an unsafe, inefficient, unattractive garage door that’s costing you money isn’t enough to convince you it’s time to upgrade your garage door, then how about getting a new door just because you want one?

Garage doors have come a long way regarding styles, designs, and customization options. With a garage door replacement near Lombard, IL, you can make a statement with modern, traditional, or carriage house garage doors that evoke a sense of pride each time you pull into your driveway. 

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Garage Door Replacement vs. Garage Door Repair

Perhaps you notice one or more of these signs, but you still aren’t sure if a garage door replacement is your best option. Depending on the issues you’re experiencing and the overall condition of your garage door system, you might opt for garage door repair instead. Prompt and thorough garage door repair can extend the life of your garage door. However, keep in mind that repeat repairs might cost you more time, money, and frustration in the long run.

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If you’re unsure whether you’d benefit more from new garage doors or repair, schedule an appointment with our team! We will inspect your door, and if it’s salvageable, we will recommend one or more of the following repairs to improve your garage door function until you’re ready for an upgrade:

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If your Lombard, IL home is due for a garage door replacement, our DC Garage Door & Services team is ready to help with our reputable garage door installation services. Take a look at our Gallery for residential door inspiration, and mention our Specials when you contact us for the best deal on a garage door replacement near you!

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